Work on our mural (courtesy of LeQuiVive Gallery & Groundscore Collective) has begun!

The days of our BART-facing being an eye sore are over!  It is the new home of an incredible mural in-progress created by the genius of Groundscore Collective.  Murals this ambitious take a considerable amount of time, money, and materials. Please consider supporting this project by donating to URBAN RENEWAL: A Crowd-Funded Public Art Project.

(from the Kickstarter Campaign page)

LeQuiVive Gallery & Groundscore Collective present: URBAN RENEWAL: A Crowd-Funded Public Art Project

Oakland is a city rich with contrast, with abandoned buildings and foreclosed homes side by side with brand new luxury lofts. Among the many symptoms of the current economic downturn, urban blight is one of the most readily apparent, as overworked and underfunded municipal services struggle to deal with widespread illegal dumping, graffiti, and general decay. These conditions also present a wide range of opportunities to create dynamic public art that both improves the appearance of the community at large and represents an investment in its cultural value and significance.