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Winter Open Studios: Bar Davi

To achieve the rich, textured surface of her mixed media paintings, Bar Davi work mostly in layers – both physical layers on the pieces and interior layers such as memory, emotion and hope, surrendering to the materials and the process, iteratively engaging with the painting until its completion.

Visit Norton Factory for our Winter Open Studios…

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Winter Open Studios: Erin Mitchell

Combining a broad and often experimental range of media and materials, Erin Mitchell sets out to explore the role of digital interfaces and language in the way that we see and understand our modern experience. Incorporating glitch imagery and elements of online browser structures, Erin attempts to ephemerally chart an…

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Winter Open Studios Artist: Tricia Rissmann

Tricia Rissmann is a painter who is drawn to balance, color and especially to texture, form and words.

In her contemporary abstract and mixed media paintings, her passion is fueled by the exploration of the emotive properties of color. Tricia’s paintings are depictions of intuitive expressions inspired from both dream and…

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East Bay Open Studios Artist: Janet Bartlett Goodman

Using graceful lines and translucent color, Janet Bartlett Goodman’s encaustic landscapes convey the feeling of quiet solitude and tranquility. Her mixed media encaustic works are about moments in time. She is intrigued with the history of a place and the idea that its history has a felt presence. Each piece preserves a single moment but…

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East Bay Open Studios Artist: Heather Day

Heather Day’s paintings begin at every seam, edge, and mark. Then layers of paint overlap revealing collected moments of interaction. Every mark creates a series of expectations similar to a conversation. When a question is asked, an answer is anticipated. Stitches and mark making lead to energetic movement reading like handwriting stretching…

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East Bay Open Studios Artist: Anna Valdez

Working with painting, drawing, print-making, collage, animation and digital media, Anna Valdez explores the meaning of memory and identity. Valdez incorporates articles from her home, such as plants, fabrics, vessels or records into her work as a form of self-representation, and understands the domestic sphere as emblematic of personal and…

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East Bay Open Studios Artist: Aaron Shifflett

Aaron Shifflett’s work finds spirituality in compositions inside and around us. They take abstracted gore and combine them with compositions from microbiological cultures and stellar matter. Images of innards, muscles, and bone are an uncomfortable reminder of our fragility and death. After death, cultures living within us will continue to…

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East Bay Open Studios Artist: Tina Kraft

Tina Kraft grew up in a rural town near Cleveland, Ohio where she started drawing and painting at an early age. She has spent the last three decades on South Florida’s eastern coast, painting the native landscape. She recently completed her MFA at the New York Studio School.

Tina will be exhibiting her…

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East Bay Open Studios Artist: Laurie Close

Laurie Close’s work investigates notions of depth and space on the painted surface. There is a dependency on opposing positions finding the right balance, a struggle between order and chaos. Hard edges and flat space is met with atmospheric illusion. By challenging the visual structure tension is created. Uncertainty is…

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East Bay Open Studios Artist: Genevieve McClendon

Artist Genevieve McClendon’s goal  is to create a space in which an experience of energetic flow, creative magic and vibration can be translated into a meditation of the heart and be shared.

View Genevieve’s work in-person during East Bay Open Studios at Norton Factory June 7-8 and 14-15, 11 a.m. to noon daily…

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