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Open Studios 2015 Artist: Mary Burger

Mary Burger is a poet and environmental designer as well as a visual artist. Drawing on these practices, she is interested in perceptions of space, light, and time in the natural environment, and relationships between natural and cultural adaptations. In her Optical Occlusions series, Mary starts with the simple concept of the horizon,…

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Winter Open Studios: Erin Mitchell

Combining a broad and often experimental range of media and materials, Erin Mitchell sets out to explore the role of digital interfaces and language in the way that we see and understand our modern experience. Incorporating glitch imagery and elements of online browser structures, Erin attempts to ephemerally chart an…

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Winter Open Studios Artist: Tricia Rissmann

Tricia Rissmann is a painter who is drawn to balance, color and especially to texture, form and words.

In her contemporary abstract and mixed media paintings, her passion is fueled by the exploration of the emotive properties of color. Tricia’s paintings are depictions of intuitive expressions inspired from both dream and…

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East Bay Open Studios Artist: Janet Bartlett Goodman

Using graceful lines and translucent color, Janet Bartlett Goodman’s encaustic landscapes convey the feeling of quiet solitude and tranquility. Her mixed media encaustic works are about moments in time. She is intrigued with the history of a place and the idea that its history has a felt presence. Each piece preserves a single moment but…

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East Bay Open Studios Artist: Anna Valdez

Working with painting, drawing, print-making, collage, animation and digital media, Anna Valdez explores the meaning of memory and identity. Valdez incorporates articles from her home, such as plants, fabrics, vessels or records into her work as a form of self-representation, and understands the domestic sphere as emblematic of personal and…

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East Bay Open Studios Artist: Jennifer Linderman

Jennifer Linderman is a mixed media artist whose current work focuses on the use of photographed tree bark and 3-dimensional paper art. View her work and learn about her process at and this weekend at Norton Factory Studios in Oakland, CA.

East Bay Open Studios Artist: Julia Nelson-Gal

We are very pleased to be showing the work of Julia Nelson-Gal during East Bay Open Studios. Her Mythology Art History series commingles art historical icons from many cultures with elements of nature creating surreal, fanciful characters.

View more of her work on her website,, and during East Bay Open Studios…

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East Bay Open Studios Artist: Deborah Stenberg-Service

The unseen, the in-between, and the erosion of time are recurring themes in the work of Bay Area painter, Deborah Stenberg-Service. She draws inspiration from the post-industrial landscapes and neighborhoods that surround her Richmond studio where the effects of time and attrition have left their scars. Her current work comes from a desire…

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2014 East Bay Open Studios Artist: Cydne Kaye

Cydne Kaye is a Bay Area native who grew up surrounded by art and music.  A mostly self-taught artist, she is taking a break from her career as a pastry chef to devote her time to being a full time studio artist. Cydne joined Norton Factory in early 2014.

After working with various…

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2014 East Bay Open Studios Artist: Erin Mitchell

Erin Mitchell’s conceived landscapes set out to explore the implications of being a visceral and temporal individual in an ever-expanding world. Working in a broad range of printmaking, drawing, and painting techniques, Mitchell’s mixed-media works attempt to visually depict the relationship between the rapid, unceasing change of our planet and…

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