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Winter Open Studios: Kanna Aoki

Kanna Aoki’s work is inspired by a passion for light, color, geometry and space, and by the physicality of paint. She celebrates contemplative moments in time, embracing both the immensity of our surroundings and the smallness of the individual immersed within it, exploring feelings of solitude, nostalgia, humor and grace,…

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Welcome, Joevic Yeban!

Norton Factory Studios welcomes the very talented painter Joevic Yeban! His atmospheric cityscapes capture the complex relationship between the man-made and the natural. Using a variety of painting techniques, Joevic creates skyscrapers that disappear into fog and streets that melt into

View more of Joevic’s work on his website,

Norton Factory Studios at Sunset

I couldn’t help but share this photo of Norton Factory Studios taken yesterday evening as I left the studio.  It’s refreshing to be working in a space that is, in itself, inspiring.

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