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2015 Open Studios Guest Artist: Sean Kim

Sean Kim’s paintings are a record of impulses that reflect the continually evolving moment.  Each canvas displays an act of faith and committment to particular feelings as they arise, either through images, memories, or gestures, and that are slowly built up in layers over a period of time.  Like diary…

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Open Studios Artist: Sarah Granett

Guest Artists Sarah Granett makes hands-on, tactile paintings which explore material build up, layering, emergent forms and color as lyric.

See more of Sarah’s beautiful work on her website,, and in-person during East Bay Open Studios on Saturday and Sunday, June 6th and 7th and 13th and 14th. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

East Bay Open Studios Artist: Lisa Pfeiffer

Lisa Pfeiffer’s paintings and mixed media works are inspired by the temporality of life.  A flower’s beauty is temporary, colors will fade and change inevitably comes. The eye sees forward, the eye feels the past.

View Lisa’s work on her blog,,  and in her Oakland studio at Norton Factory during East Bay…

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Welcome Artist Tricia Rissmann, Studio 10!

Norton Factory Studios welcomes painter Tricia Rissmann!

Tricia began painting over 16 years ago as a natural extension of her career as a designer. Her paintings are intuitive expressions inspired by both dream and waking environments.

Her work transforms through multiple layers of paint–creating, hiding, then revealing.

View more of Tricia’s work online at

Welcome, Kelly DeFayette!

We can’t even begin to tell you just how pleased we are to welcome painter Kelly DeFayette to Norton Factory Studios! Walking the fine line between painting and sculpture, Kelly’s polygons are a study of color, object, and space.

Kelly’s work is featured in Kaleidoscope, opening this Thursday at HANG ART….

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