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East Bay Open Studios Artist: Mikey Kelly

Mikey Kelly received his Master of Fine Arts from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2003. He lived in New York for six years where he worked as a fabricator for various artists and created retail displays for Urban Outfitters, Barney’s and Bergdorf Goodman and interiors for The Ace and Standard…

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2015 Open Studios Guest Artist: Sean Kim

Sean Kim’s paintings are a record of impulses that reflect the continually evolving moment.  Each canvas displays an act of faith and committment to particular feelings as they arise, either through images, memories, or gestures, and that are slowly built up in layers over a period of time.  Like diary…

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East Bay Open Studios Artist: Laurie Close

Laurie Close’s work investigates notions of depth and space on the painted surface. There is a dependency on opposing positions finding the right balance, a struggle between order and chaos. Hard edges and flat space is met with atmospheric illusion. By challenging the visual structure tension is created. Uncertainty is…

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2014 East Bay Open Studios Artist: Tricia Rissmann

Tricia Rissmann loves pushing the boundaries to explore the depths of her work. Tricia is passionate about developing her work and growing as an artist, eventually producing work that she hopes will move others. In the end she believes in staying true to what inspires  her and the desire to always remain…

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2014 East Bay Open Studios Artist: Erin Mitchell

Erin Mitchell’s conceived landscapes set out to explore the implications of being a visceral and temporal individual in an ever-expanding world. Working in a broad range of printmaking, drawing, and painting techniques, Mitchell’s mixed-media works attempt to visually depict the relationship between the rapid, unceasing change of our planet and…

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Winter Open Studios Artist – Kelly Defayette

Kelly Defayette was one of the first artists to join Norton Factory Studios this past spring!

Originally from the East Coast, Kelly DeFayette has been showing in the Bay Area for the past ten years. Ranging from brightly colored with a high gloss finish, to dark stains and matte surfaces, her…

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Hello and welcome to our busiest new artist, Heather Day!

Heather Day moved into her new studio just a few weeks ago and wasted no time getting to work.  Since moving in, she’s been painting up a storm (you can keep up with her studio activity on her blog,

Heather’s work consists of stitches and energetic mark making that often reads…

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Studio Mate Sought

Norton Factory Studios is once again playing matchmaker! Today we are looking for a studio mate for the immensely talented emerging artist Heather Day.

It is easy to get lost in Heather’s evocative work. Layers of paint, fibers, and line interact as though in conversation. Each piece is a product of an experience, leaving behind documentation…

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